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  Services Overview  
  Advantasis provides application and internet development, project management and technology services to a wide range of industries and business areas worldwide. Working with you continuously, we are able to execute a project from a mere concept to the final, polished solution. Our services are driven by the customer's needs, cost benefits, schedule and business goals. Throughout the process confidentiality and security are a top priority.  
  Advantasis offers the following services for clients worldwide:  
  Custom Application Development  
  We are experts in designing, programming and delivering the right software solution to meet your needs utilizing the latest technologies. Check out our software development services to get the software tailored to your business needs and industry requirements. By leveraging our solid software development expertise and latest technologies, we deliver cost-competitive and top-class solutions.  
  Internet Software Development  
  Ever growing demand for Internet/Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. To streamline your business, we address those issues with our Internet and Intranet solutions. Our web designers work with you to capture the look and feel that reflects the web image that is right for your business. We can build your company a dynamic website or streamline your entire busines process by putting it online.  
  Project Management  
  Advantsis provides assistance in managing any aspect of your project. Utilize our software development process (ADF - Advantasis Development Framework) or let us work with you to customize a process specific to your organization. We have certified project managers (PMP - Project Manger Professionals) ready to serve your needs.  
  Technology Services  
  We offer a range of technology services that can serve your IT needs or extend your existing IT department. These services include but are not limited to: Testing Services, Network Services, Security Services, Security Audits, IT Policies and Technology Procedures. Let us provide your business with our intellectual knowledge and technical expertise through our technology services.  
  Advantasis technology consulting and project development  
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