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  Competitive Advantages  
  Advantasis offers the following benefits for clients worldwide:  
  Technical expertise  
  We are technical experts who strive to always be on the cutting edge of technology. We are well trained, well educated and certified in the latest technologies. We extend your technology potential by applying our technical expertise to your solution. We investigate every new technology and learn about it quickly so we understand the potential impact it has and how it can benefit your business.  
  Top-class quality  
  To ensure the highest quality technology solution, Advantasis applies quality management for each product development stage, including requirements management, development processes, product functionality and usability, delivery and technical support.  
  Cost savings  
  Advantsis manages project resources in the most cost effective manner while keeping our overhead costs low. Our estimates are accurate and our rates range based on project duration and complexity. We utilize the best and the brightest in our industry, specifically when they are needed using resource allication scheduling. Our business model allows us to pass the savings to our clients.  
  Complete suite of services  
  We undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, technical support, and maintenance. We are your partner for all your technology and development needs.  
  Security and Confidentiality  
  To guarantee the secure management of your trade secrets, source codes, copyrights and any information involved in the product development, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and maintain strict control for access to all project code and documentation.  
  Advantasis technology consulting and project development  
  Call 1.800.515.6816 or email  
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